Tonight The Streets Are Ours
Tonight The Streets Are Ours

Tonight The Streets Are Ours

(Richard Hawley) [TOMBC202102]
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The Classic Richard Hawley Song Now Available as a Music Box!

★ Arrangement by Jon Trier (Richard Hawley Band)
★ With Certificate Of Authenticity Postcard

★ Part of the on-going Richard Hawley Range
★ Get involved early and collect the whole set!

The lead Single from the award winning Sheffield Singer-Songwriter’s 5th studio album ‘Lady's Bridge’, 'Tonight The Streets Are Ours' quickly became a fan-favourite and is still a highlight of his critically lauded live shows to this date.

Released in 2007, the song went on to gain worldwide recognition when it was featured in The Simpsons episode; "Exit Through the Kwik-E-Mart" - during a montage of a Banksy-inspired Bart painting graffiti all over Springfield!

This is a unique and instantly recognisable Music Box version of one of Richard's best loved songs!

Give the gift of ​a Music Box to that special someone in your life and Let’s Ballad!

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